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Another Flight - EP, Private Ellie Jay 1980

1. Post Mortem Blues
2. Moments lost
3. Reflections
4. Another flight
5. Westway

Bob Theil - Vocals, 12-string acoustic guitar
Kim Burgess - Electric & acoustic 6-string guitars, 2nd 12-string acoustic on "Reflections"
Bill Power - Bass
Paul Martin - Drums

Sleeve text

The songs featured here were written between 1971 and 1977, the earliest being "Reflections", "Westway" and "Moments Lost". Whilst these survivors from my early years of songwriting are I feel, a long way from where I am now, they are nevertheless representative of a period that was important in my early development as a songwriter.
The remaining songs "Another Flight" and "Post Mortem Blues" were written in '76 and '77 respectively. [...]
The recordings were completed in only 20 hours (in total) in the studio. [...]

Bob Theil