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Bridging the Silence - CD, Koch International CD 322949 1993 (no longer available)

Released under the Lawrence Woolfe pseudonym.

Recorded in London, at Steve Hall's Hallmark Studios featuring Walter Mets (Sansavanna, Raymond van het Groenewoud, Radios, Leyers and Michiels, etc), Rick Aerts (The Bet, Raymond van het Groenewoud, The Gonnabees), Dave Foster (Style Council, Sansavanna, Radios, K's Choice).

1. What are you doing tonight?
2. It's a shame
3. Fading ways, fading faces
4. All too many
5. Lady don't go
6. Dancing
7. Border retreat
8. Come lay beside me
9. It matters to me
10. Ice Dance
11. Deserted Shores
12. Holy Loch [audio samplesample]
13. What are you doing tonight? (reprise)

All too Many - CD single, 1993 (no longer available)
Rerecorded in Belgium together with Walter Mets, featuring Rick Aerts on electric guitar.

1. All too many
2. Ice dance