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The Ghent Sessions - CD, Vinyl Japan JASKCD190 2007

Songs from the archives, volume 2

Nice and easy does it – 5.17
It matters to me – 4.39
Lady don’t go – 4.42
A moment’s respite (instrumental) – 3.02
What are you doing tonight? – 4.21
Same old story – 4.57
Flux and flow (instrumental) – 5.29
It’s a shame – 5.13
Heartbeats – 3.42
Only what you think you are – 3.43


In 2007 Vinyl Japan released Scottish singer-songwriter Bob Theil’s follow-up to the acclaimed “So Far” CD. The Ghent Sessions are, as the title indicates, a collection of songs recorded in Ghent, Belgium in late 1997 and mixed in early 1998 in London by Michael Klein.
This is an acoustic project consisting of 8 songs and 2 guitar instrumentals, featuring Bob Theil’s trademark 12-string guitar and vocals, augmented only by Dave Foster’s bass for the most part. Both instrumentals have keyboard and cello arrangements, courtesy of Dave Foster. The opening track “Nice and easy does it” features violin from Philippe De Chaffoy in whose studio the recordings took place.

The focus of this collection is undoubtedly the songs themselves, the musical core, the voice and the strong lyrics. This is music with its roots very much in the songwriter’s tradition harking back to the likes of Roy Harper, Bert Jansch, Al Stewart and Richard Thompson. It certainly has an affinity with the recent resurgence of interest in what has been termed as new folk or acid folk.

So Far - Double-LP Guerssen Records Spain 2006