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Playing it all for laughs - LP, Private RGTL002 2003

Playing it all for laughs [audio samplesample]
Passing us by
Link I
What’s it to you blues
Nothing to hide
What we lose, what we have
Just the way it feels Legacy
Small words
Looking at you (love=alive)
Beneath these skies
Link II
The cynics smile [audio samplesample]

Home recorded album arranged and produced by Bert Leysen and Bob Theil. A LP with perceptive and relevant lyric writing, melodious song writing, expressive vocals and understated guitar playing - an accessible yet uncompromising artistic endeavour.

"From that first side I like especially the arrangements on "What we lose (+ what we have)", with second electric guitar, keyboards, drums [.] "Just the way it feels" has really nice twinkling piano combined with acoustic guitars and drums. [.] a beautiful finger picking pastoral style on "Legacy". There are also great arrangements on "Small Words" "Looking at you" is another beauty [.] "Cast" sounds like the old LP Bob Theil, with great duo electric guitar arrangements by Bert Leysen and acoustic arpeggio's by Bob Theil. Last track "Cynics smiles" is a perfect finger picking closing song." Gerald Van der Waes

Playing it all for laughs, cover

Playing it all for laughs, back

Playing it all for laughs, record label