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So Far - LP, Private RGTL001 1982

1. Yesterdays
2. Lady
3. One day, today or tomorrow
4. Moments lost
5. So far
6. Westway
7. Reflections
8. Wind in the wires
9. Who are we now? [audio samplesample]
10. December 1918

A collection of his earliest songs recorded at Hallmark London under the guidance of producer Steve Hall. Musicians included Marc Brzezicki (Big Country, Fish, now with Procul Harum) and Jimmy Litherland (Marian Segal and Jade, Leo Sayer, Colloseum).

".Bob Theil's gorgeously crafted So Far album, recorded in 1982 when it must have been hopelessly allergic to any trace of zeitgeist. The skill sown into So Far is immediately apparent.lyrical musings balanced around one man's thoughtful search are countered by a guitar-picking complexity worthy of Jansch and, if at all possible, beyond.
Despite lacking the glamour of Drake, Theil has produced a set of songs that will remain similarly fresh." Mick Middles, Record Collector

"The best UK private pressing from the last 30 years, .brilliant original songs with Floyd styled electric leads." Pete Bonner, Psychotron Records

"So Far . a wonderful singer-songwriter release with 12-string guitar" Gerald Van Waes, programme maker "Psyche van het Folk" Radio Centraal, Antwerpen

The original LP "So Far" has also been included in the most recent edition of Hans Pokora's book "4001 Record Collectors' Dreams" in which he recommends it as one of the 20 masterpieces in this edition.