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So Far - CD, Recordplex Canada 2004

1. Yesterdays
2. Lady
3. One day, today or tomorrow
4. Moments lost
5. So far
6. Westway
7. Reflections
8. Wind in the wires
9. Who are we now?
10. December 1918
Bonus tracks from "Another Flight"
11. Post Mortem Blues
12. Moments lost (EP version)
13. Reflections (EP version)
14. Another flight
15. Westway (EP version)

Text for the So Far CD booklet

I never dreamt when I recorded So Far during 1981-82, that it would take 2 decades before it met with some appreciation. At the time, apart from the reaction from a few friends, the general opinion was that the music was anachronistic. The prevailing tide of fashion, both in the underground and the overground scene, suggested that guitars were dead and keyboards/synths were the cutting edge for then and for ever. Oh well, despite periodic misguided bleatings to the contrary, guitars are still alive and kicking.

Twenty years ago, as far as I was concerned, I was recording a selection of my early songs as part of a learning curve in preparation for releasing what was to become a flood of songs which were coming to me as I slowly explored and developed my guitar playing. Thoughts of success or failure had nothing to do with the process, the inspiration and struggle to write. The buzz and excitement in discovering music, songs, poetry and literature was what galvenized me. That my efforts in following the path of what was loosely described as singer-songwriter/guitarist would lead to what seems like "the wilderness years", I had no inkling of at the time. I wrote, read, played folk clubs, listened to and digested artists such as Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen, Roy Harper, Michael Chapman, Al Stewart, John Martyn, Sandy Denny, Nick Drake, Richard Thompson, Jethro Tull and the Peter Gabriel fronted Genesis. next