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December 1918
Lyrics and music R.G.Theil, 1982

Our footsteps are naked, retreating to hide
In the ruins of some place she came from,
Her eyes fleeting quickly, not resting upon
The empty streets that surround her,
With the signs in the distance
Aging but bright
Facing the winds of the winter
With the sky melting slowly on pillars of stones,
There is a cry in the air of the frightened.

His words softly strangled still hangs in her pain,
Though the years are now far between them,
There's a ghost in some shelter his uniform stained,
In vain, reaching to touch her,
With the flash of the gunfire, splitting the night
Tearing the soul from his future,
With the words of some promise, ingrained in his mind,
He lay as the wild snows fell freely.

And now are you sleeping?
With the stillness of death in the air,
Oh where are you sleeping?

Her gaze in remembrance is watching the fall,
Of the fresh fallen snows on her window,
With the red of the sky sinking low in her eyes,
The warlord's eagles are resting,
And trembling she cries, through the mists of desires,
Lain far in the depths of the evening,
And her eyes are glazed as the cold stings her face,
And the emptiness sings of the future.


So Far