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One day, today or tomorrow
Lyrics and music R.G.Theil, 1982

Reality spread in confusion,
Time has no pity to offer your eyes,
As you walk in the rain splashed neon,
That calls out in pain.
The statue stands with its arms to the wind,
That beckons you forward
To win or to lose, your game.

The sad-eyed waitress
Winding her way through the streets of decay,
Lit by the streetlight outside,
And feeling alone watching lights of the good life,
And slipping sleeplessly,
Into the grey sheets of the night.

And watching hope rise and fall,
Ah! She'll win her ways,
One day, today of tomorrow.

So pursuing her games,
Into the night's lonely unfeeling eyes,
As the first cracks appear,
On the lining of the sky,
She waits to hold close to her feeling,
The first touch of light,
To caress the ceiling, in play.

And standing alone in the square,
Not a sound anywhere,
And wondering, now,
How I came to be there.


So Far