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Who are we now?
Lyrics and music by Bob Theil

Oh how quickly the pages turn in my hands,
My ways now are colder,
The photographed times of all that once was,
Leaves me in wonder,
In the cold winter stone,
No reason is true to my knowing,
As I sit in my solitude, thinking,
Did I know you?

As the door opens wide, a greeting is called,
I stumble in darkness,
And reaching the hands for the far away times,
I need to hold on to,
"Oh, it's strange being here", but somehow,
You don't understand me,
As my words are all lost, I feel that,
I just don't belong here.

Are we lost?
Who are we now?
As the station appears, a hand kills my fears,
As slowly returning,
Like a mystery cloud, lost in the crowd,
That you've no way of knowing,
As raising my hand in some strange gesture of meaning.
I watch as the time brings nearer,
My moment of leaving.

Are we lost?
Who are we now?


So Far