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Bob has always had an interest in poetry and literature. Although having encountered a resistance to the mixing of his music with recitations of his own and others' poetry and being aware of a general antipathy towards poetry amongst many music fans, Bob has continued, when opportunity arises, to do readings.

Bob writes:

"An interest in poetry and literature was sparked during my schooldays, where I clearly recall particularly Wordsworth's Lines composed above Tintern Abbey making an impact on my young imagination.

The journey continued through various anthologies in later years, most notably the Faber Book of Modern Verse (1965 edition, 1976 reprint) and The Penguin Book of First World War Poetry.

From then on poetry has always been an evolving presence amongst many other interests and distractions and has come to the foreground at various times.

The key word is "enjoyment" and the sense that poetry can be so much more and convey much that is not expressed in the daily grind of politics or easily consumed entertainment culture.

The discovery of Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen was the real juncture connecting song and poetry. From then on it seemed natural to explore music and words with the same degree of passion, intensity, curiosity and indeed seriousness."



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