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New releases

So Far - LP planned

The Portuguese record company Golden Pavilion is planning a new LP release of So Far including the EP Another Flight. Due date: beginning July 2011.


Songs from the Margin - CD and LP, Planned

Fading Sunshine Records, Canada are releasing both a CD and LP of this unreleased album. It was recorded in London at Hallmark Studios where the So Far album was recorded. Due date: August 2011.


Gigs coming up!

Thursday 25 August 2011 Cesar Café Museu in Valencia (Spain).

Weekend 26-27-28 August 2011 in Denia, Alicante (Spain). Exact details follow.

Saturday September, 3 2011 20:00 - café RoodWit in Berchem (Antwerp)


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Gig in Valencia, Spain - May, 7 2011

Bob at Datura Folk

Louis Gonzalez, Bob and Heriberto Bueno at the festival.


This is me with my fellow musicians who played with me at the Datura festival in May. I enjoyed it so much that there are plans to return in August. See upcoming gigs on this page.

Louis played bass and Heri played acoustic guitar. We only had 3 rehearsals and I enjoyed every minute of our hard work. I had to learn some of my So Farsongs :)! It was a pleasure to play with enthusiastic musicians. The gig itself went very well.

































The Ghent Sessions, LP Italy 2010
The Ghent Sessions, CD Japan 2007
Playing it all for laughs, vinyl

So Far, vinyl

Another Flight, EP